Saturday, July 1, 2017


Room 3 have lost some of their friends to Room 3 and we will still see them lots at playtime. We still feel a bit sad. We have kept a group of big children to be our "Experts" and they have been fantastic at helping our new children settle in. !4new children arrived ready and raring to go from Room 2. They are fantastic children who fit in beautifully and already have made lots of new friends. Here are some of their photos.

Photography competition

All Room 3 children had the opportunity too make a seashell Installation in the sandpit and to take a photo of it. We had discussed dark and light, interesting angles, black and white shots, reflections etc.  and looked at a great power point from Mrs Dunham.  Sadly the photos we took  didn't make it off the I Pad. ITR gremlins !!!!
Here is a link for the school finalists

Thank you Talitha

Room 3 have had Talitha come and help us every Wednesday morning. She has been training as a teachers aide and has come in to gain experience and complete some assignments.
Her real job is as an artist and she does the most amazing detailed pictures of birds and kiwiana antiques. She can take up to 6 months to complete one piece. She bought in some of her art to show us and then she took the children for lessons . We drew the sparrows we see everyday at morning tea.

Thank you so much for all your help Talitha. We will miss you.