Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We have made porridge to learn about "keeping ourselves warm".

Now read our amazing stories!

I like the porridge eating the most. We made the porridge.  Compton

This is how you make porridge. So you put the oats in a pot. The you put hot water in it. Then you mix it. Then you put sugar in it.Then you put milk in it. Then you EAT IT!. I felt like it was a dream. It was delicious. Yummy too. Good too. Great too! Kiarn

I like porridge and I am going to eat the porridge all up and when I am finished the porridge was for my Mum and Dads porridge.  Neitana

I like porridge . It is delicious. i like porridge because it is yummy. i know how to make porridge. You first put oats in it. Put water in it next. Put sugar in it. thirdly put milk in it then put it on the stove.When it is done you EAT it.  Olivia

I like the porridge and I like eating it. I like sugar and milk. I made it.   Calaye

I like my porridge because it is nice and it was nice. I went to the porridge shop. It was yum.

I like porridge because it is warm and yum. i like on my porridge sugar. You make porridge hot. You put it in  a pot.   Anahera

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