Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We are really focussed on our interesting writing.


I might be getting a baby lamb. My Dad might be getting a baby lamb and I am excited.

The bees get nectar to make honey. Bugs and cucoons and butterflies go to get nectar. We get the honey and eat the honey. We eat eh honey and we like the honey.  Pallas

It is spring. At spring my friends are having a birthday and I like the pink   and I have a cat. Simeon

Tomorrow I am going to not be here because I have to go to the doctors and they will give me an injection. William

It is spring. Bees are around and blossom from the tree. It is like pink snow. It is cool. We like it because it is beautiful. Everyone likes it.  Keelyn

In a few days my daffodils will bloom. It will be amazing said my sister. I said it will be cool. I like my daffodils.   Tyler

I like bees because they have stingers and I will tell you how a caterpillar cycle. It goes caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. Bees collect pollen. Then they turn it in to honey.  Lachlan

At the first  day of spring. I love spring because I love blossoms. i also like butterflies. i like cucoons as well. i also like ladybirds and flowers.   Logan

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