Saturday, May 14, 2016

Term 2

We will continue with our Literacy Programme with a focus on Reading  and Writing. We  are learning Humpty Walls to read and to spell. You will find these in your child's Home learning book. Any time spent on these is very useful.

For Maths we will continue with Number and begin Measurement.

For PE we will be learning Gymnastics, training for the Cross Country (on Thursday of Week 6) and learning ball skills with a focus on kicking.

For Topic we are still Caring for ourselves with a focus on Dental Health. We are trying to educate children about the effects of sugar on our teeth as well as cleaning them regularly and  choosing milk and water to drink.

We are also doing Keeping Warm  and Our Senses for  science topics.

For Health we are having a visit from the Life Education bus and we will be covering Healthy Food choices again.

For Visual Arts we are doing painting and Photography. Keep an eye out for some excellent pieces.

We are also caring for ourselves by using our WITS to deal with conflict.

Walk away
Tell someone
Say something

The children may have told you that Mrs Youngman is going to be away for the rest of this term as she cares for her sick mother. We are really missing her but have the lovely, arty Miss Andrews to teach in her place. We are very lucky to have her available to step in.

We also have Abby Webber, a year One  teaching student from BTI coming in to do her teaching practice on a Wednesday and Thursday. It is great to have a competent pair of hands to help support your children's learning.

Can we have a box of tissues sent in with each child please? We use these as classroom supplies and with the cold weather coming we will be needing them.
Please come in to visit and check your child's work and if you have any concerns don't hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards Wendy Riordan

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