Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cockroach stories!!!

The motivation for these stories began at assembly when a cockroach crawled out of the  "Caught being good Box" and up Miss Robinson's arm. The stories about cockroaches came thick and fast so we wrote some of them down. You have to agree we got some true personal voice from this writing.

I saw a cockroach in my house and I said "gross" and "I don't like them". I told my Mum and my Mum flushed it down the toilet.     Lachlan

"Oooow a cockroach."
 "Where,where?" said my sister.
She said "Kill it! kill it!" to my brother.       Anahera

My Mum saw a cockroach under her head. She said "Yuck". The cockroach went on the floor.

I saw a cockroach in the noodles.I killed it with the fly spray.     Vincent

I saw a cockroach on my foot. I flipped it off my foot and the cockroach was gone somewhere. "yuk", said my Mum.   Rebecca-Marley

The cockroach went in Mum's T shirt and Dad killed it with his hands.   Neitana

Mum said "Get the jandal, Get the jandal".     William

Last weekend I went to do some fire wood and I saw a cockroach. It was on the wood and I squashed it with my finger.    Logan

When I turned three I went to a pool and a cockroach came to me and my   Mum and it climbed up my Mum's arm .
 I said "Oooow",  and I crawled out of the pool and took it out to the garden.

Cockroaches are disgusting.If you have a cockroach at your house you squish it and when I saw a cockroach  I said "Ooooow disgusting!"

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