Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Food Pyramid

We are learning to eat a balanced diet and importantly what has sugar in it and why that is NOT healthy for us.
 We are learning to eat a LITTLE sugar.

 We are learning to eat SOME dairy, eggs , meat , fish and nuts. (Protein)
 We are learning to eat MOST of cereal,bread,pasta,rice,fruit and vegetables.
That is a BALANCED diet and makes us healthy and full of energy.

Splat the Cat

We have been making Splat the Cat  (By Rob Scotton) Art with Mrs Youngman. It is one of our favourite books so we made a display in the
Library.If you come into the Library in the holidays you will see it.

Splat is cool and Splat is scared. Splat will like to go to our house and he would like to come to our school.  Lachlan

Splat and Seymour are friends and Splat was shy when it was his first time at Cat School and his Mum said "Have a good time at school". Splat and Seymour are cool and they are nice and they care for others.    Kiarn

Splat is my favourite cat and Seymour..Mum said
"Have a good day at school".

A Monster Sandwich.

We have been learning about  Healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We made sandwiches and the children were challenged to have a mixture of healthy toppings and to even try new food. We know that eating well will keep us healthy, happy and ready for learning.

Mr Monk was Principal for the day and we had a lot of fun!