Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We are really focussed on our interesting writing.


I might be getting a baby lamb. My Dad might be getting a baby lamb and I am excited.

The bees get nectar to make honey. Bugs and cucoons and butterflies go to get nectar. We get the honey and eat the honey. We eat eh honey and we like the honey.  Pallas

It is spring. At spring my friends are having a birthday and I like the pink   and I have a cat. Simeon

Tomorrow I am going to not be here because I have to go to the doctors and they will give me an injection. William

It is spring. Bees are around and blossom from the tree. It is like pink snow. It is cool. We like it because it is beautiful. Everyone likes it.  Keelyn

In a few days my daffodils will bloom. It will be amazing said my sister. I said it will be cool. I like my daffodils.   Tyler

I like bees because they have stingers and I will tell you how a caterpillar cycle. It goes caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. Bees collect pollen. Then they turn it in to honey.  Lachlan

At the first  day of spring. I love spring because I love blossoms. i also like butterflies. i like cucoons as well. i also like ladybirds and flowers.   Logan


We have made porridge to learn about "keeping ourselves warm".

Now read our amazing stories!

I like the porridge eating the most. We made the porridge.  Compton

This is how you make porridge. So you put the oats in a pot. The you put hot water in it. Then you mix it. Then you put sugar in it.Then you put milk in it. Then you EAT IT!. I felt like it was a dream. It was delicious. Yummy too. Good too. Great too! Kiarn

I like porridge and I am going to eat the porridge all up and when I am finished the porridge was for my Mum and Dads porridge.  Neitana

I like porridge . It is delicious. i like porridge because it is yummy. i know how to make porridge. You first put oats in it. Put water in it next. Put sugar in it. thirdly put milk in it then put it on the stove.When it is done you EAT it.  Olivia

I like the porridge and I like eating it. I like sugar and milk. I made it.   Calaye

I like my porridge because it is nice and it was nice. I went to the porridge shop. It was yum.

I like porridge because it is warm and yum. i like on my porridge sugar. You make porridge hot. You put it in  a pot.   Anahera

The Mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle

Miss Andrew's helped us do this awesome art.

Room 7 planned this fabulous Mini Olympics for us.

We loved all the games Room 7. You were fantastic leaders and we loved all the games.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cockroach stories!!!

The motivation for these stories began at assembly when a cockroach crawled out of the  "Caught being good Box" and up Miss Robinson's arm. The stories about cockroaches came thick and fast so we wrote some of them down. You have to agree we got some true personal voice from this writing.

I saw a cockroach in my house and I said "gross" and "I don't like them". I told my Mum and my Mum flushed it down the toilet.     Lachlan

"Oooow a cockroach."
 "Where,where?" said my sister.
She said "Kill it! kill it!" to my brother.       Anahera

My Mum saw a cockroach under her head. She said "Yuck". The cockroach went on the floor.

I saw a cockroach in the noodles.I killed it with the fly spray.     Vincent

I saw a cockroach on my foot. I flipped it off my foot and the cockroach was gone somewhere. "yuk", said my Mum.   Rebecca-Marley

The cockroach went in Mum's T shirt and Dad killed it with his hands.   Neitana

Mum said "Get the jandal, Get the jandal".     William

Last weekend I went to do some fire wood and I saw a cockroach. It was on the wood and I squashed it with my finger.    Logan

When I turned three I went to a pool and a cockroach came to me and my   Mum and it climbed up my Mum's arm .
 I said "Oooow",  and I crawled out of the pool and took it out to the garden.

Cockroaches are disgusting.If you have a cockroach at your house you squish it and when I saw a cockroach  I said "Ooooow disgusting!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Paper craft by Flo

We are lucky to have a Grandmother who is an expert at paper craft. She made the divine bunny masks for Easter and the gorgeous Mother's day cards that you all got from your children. She came in and worked with the children making these and did a wonderful job. She has made room 3 the envy of all the other teachers!

Flo takes classes too!

Sandwiches first!

Look at these clever kids who know to eat their sandwiches because they give them ENERGY!
for the healthy, delicious lunches Mums and Dads and Carers.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Term 2

We will continue with our Literacy Programme with a focus on Reading  and Writing. We  are learning Humpty Walls to read and to spell. You will find these in your child's Home learning book. Any time spent on these is very useful.

For Maths we will continue with Number and begin Measurement.

For PE we will be learning Gymnastics, training for the Cross Country (on Thursday of Week 6) and learning ball skills with a focus on kicking.

For Topic we are still Caring for ourselves with a focus on Dental Health. We are trying to educate children about the effects of sugar on our teeth as well as cleaning them regularly and  choosing milk and water to drink.

We are also doing Keeping Warm  and Our Senses for  science topics.

For Health we are having a visit from the Life Education bus and we will be covering Healthy Food choices again.

For Visual Arts we are doing painting and Photography. Keep an eye out for some excellent pieces.

We are also caring for ourselves by using our WITS to deal with conflict.

Walk away
Tell someone
Say something

The children may have told you that Mrs Youngman is going to be away for the rest of this term as she cares for her sick mother. We are really missing her but have the lovely, arty Miss Andrews to teach in her place. We are very lucky to have her available to step in.

We also have Abby Webber, a year One  teaching student from BTI coming in to do her teaching practice on a Wednesday and Thursday. It is great to have a competent pair of hands to help support your children's learning.

Can we have a box of tissues sent in with each child please? We use these as classroom supplies and with the cold weather coming we will be needing them.
Please come in to visit and check your child's work and if you have any concerns don't hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards Wendy Riordan

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Food Pyramid

We are learning to eat a balanced diet and importantly what has sugar in it and why that is NOT healthy for us.
 We are learning to eat a LITTLE sugar.

 We are learning to eat SOME dairy, eggs , meat , fish and nuts. (Protein)
 We are learning to eat MOST of cereal,bread,pasta,rice,fruit and vegetables.
That is a BALANCED diet and makes us healthy and full of energy.

Splat the Cat

We have been making Splat the Cat  (By Rob Scotton) Art with Mrs Youngman. It is one of our favourite books so we made a display in the
Library.If you come into the Library in the holidays you will see it.

Splat is cool and Splat is scared. Splat will like to go to our house and he would like to come to our school.  Lachlan

Splat and Seymour are friends and Splat was shy when it was his first time at Cat School and his Mum said "Have a good time at school". Splat and Seymour are cool and they are nice and they care for others.    Kiarn

Splat is my favourite cat and Seymour..Mum said
"Have a good day at school".

A Monster Sandwich.

We have been learning about  Healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We made sandwiches and the children were challenged to have a mixture of healthy toppings and to even try new food. We know that eating well will keep us healthy, happy and ready for learning.

Mr Monk was Principal for the day and we had a lot of fun!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Plums from Mrs Pick

Mrs Pick, from Armstrong Road, gave us some plums she didn't need. We loved eating this healthy treat. We sent her a letter to say thankyou and to say "Mrs Pick was a good picker". (Joke by Anahera).

We love the Parachute

Room 3 have been learning to listen and co-operate by using the parachute...and its also great fun!